Experiences that need to be pocketed right away when traveling to Poland

It can be said that Poland is one of the most famous and well-known places. This ancient romantic city is always a beautiful place that everyone wants to visit. However, to have the best luggage and experience a great vacation, you should grasp a few Poland travel experiences below.

When is the best time to travel to Poland?

When should you choose to go to Poland?

Unlike the erratic weather in Asia, the climate in Central Europe is extremely mild. Poland is also famous for its beautiful and pleasant climate. Usually, when to travel in any season is due to the time of your vacation. However, the best season to visit this place is from late March to early August or early autumn 9-10.

Travel experience when traveling to Poland

When you come to Poland, you need to know the experience of traveling here to avoid getting lost and wasting time and money. Polish tourism is now famous for 4 main cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane and Gdansk. To get around these cities you can choose between taking a bus or a train. Depending on the city, the travel time will be about 3-7 hours.

What to eat in Poland for cheap

Poland has many places to eat cheaply but very delicious. Especially the traditional restaurants. Also here you can visit a Vietnamese restaurant called Mama Pro. In addition, on the Nowy Swiat route, there are many famous restaurants with Asian to Western cuisines.

Some famous places in Poland you should visit

Check out a few places not to be missed

Finally, in order for your trip to go smoothly, you should find out in advance which places you should go to in Poland. There are many great tourist attractions here.

Old town Old town

First of all, the Old town must be mentioned. This is a historical relic recognized by UNESCO in 1980. This site was previously bombed and destroyed very badly by Hitler’s army. But so far it has been rebuilt in Gothic architecture.

Royal Castle

Besides the Old Town, you should not miss the Polish Royal Castle. This is also a place recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1980. It has experienced many fierce wars recorded in Polish history. It was later remodeled and opened as a tourist area.
Thus, through this article, you have grasped the experience of traveling to Poland. One of the wonderful romantic cities that everyone wants to set foot in.

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