New Friends weavings in print.
A publication by Many Many in tandem with a group show – HOUSE WEAR.
Fall 2011, Melbourne, Australia.

Using plastic bags, twine, and shredded candy wrappers—items lying around the house—we created a ware. House hold staples once useful are now decorative. You may hang the weavings your wall or place on your floor. Everything had a previous life, and use, we rework the material into a new existence. Reuse, repurpose.

New Friends work on frame looms, a perfect device for nomadic weavings. While Alex worked in Philadelphia, Kelly worked in Montana, lakeside.

HOUSE WEAR is a study in nomadic behaviour and human design constructs. Issue one contains: living systems support objects survival kits tribal practices traditional weaving veranda histories travelling mime migratory reflection useful towel water reservoirs home appliances guided movement cyber dwelling.